Op Shop Finds - Vintage Stitchery Books

July 02, 2013

Vintage stitchery books coupled with a delightful embroidered butterfly tray cloth.

Our little girl is developing a fancy for little embroidered things lately.  Often something from my embroidery stash can be found used for a tablecloth at a teddy bear's picnic, a doll blanket or a cape...  This butterfly one was a "cushion" on her dining chair this evening.  "Sit on pretty?"  "Sure", I said - why not.

Her imagination is growing.  Likes and dislikes strengthening.  Personally, I am rather happy to see a such a fascination and love of pretty fabric - taking in all the colours, feeling the textures, identifying flowers, butterflies, birds.  Much pleasure and time is taken in carefully laying out each piece one by one, smoothing creases and arranging the corners.  She treats each piece with reverence and respect.

How wonderful that a $1 op-shop find commands more attention than an expensive plastic toy that makes noise.   Do your little ones enjoy pretty little things like this?  Or is it simply that she is imitating my love for them?


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  1. How lovely that she is developing an appreciation for the finer things in life! What a lovely post. x

  2. How beautiful that your little one is learning early on to appreciate the beauty of simple things. Mine are all grown now but we did a lot of "imaginary" play with pieces of fabric, cardboard, you name it!

  3. Just want to say this is fabulous! I wouldn't have the patience.

    No little (or big) ones here.

    ♥ Sir Thrift-A-Lot
    Thanks for linking up with THRIFTASAURUS!

  4. That book looks interesting, i'd never given much though as to how embroideries are made until recently, just wowed by the detail and the amount of work evident in ones i'd picked up from op-shops.
    I can understand their appeal to little kids, so colourful, tactile and pretty; this is a good prompt for me to add one to fins heuristic basket x

  5. What a pretty cloth and the stitchery book looks great too! My girls seem to have their own taste but luckily nothing to weird and wacky for my taste! x

  6. Gorgeous finds and a lovely story too. There's a million things to do with the humble doily and ours is so pretty.

  7. Precisely how stunning that your child will be understanding in early stages to achieve the good thing about simple things. My very own are typical expanded currently yet we do a lot of "imaginary" play with pieces of material, card board, whatever!Billig WOW Gold Kaufencheap rs gold

  8. oh that book! swoon...
    i can only imagine how wonderful it feels to watch your own child develop an interest in and a taste for beautiful things.

  9. Aww lovely post. Gorgeous book and linen x

  10. A beautiful pipost whgat lovely interest to pass to your child #magpiemonday

  11. Oh beautiful find, I love picking up craft and hobbies books, one day I will make everything in them! #MagpieMonday


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