Botanical Makeup Bag - On My Worktable

June 05, 2014

Our little girl started nursery at our local Waldorf Steiner school recently.  To ease her into the new environment it was recommended that I stay for an hour or so, quietly on the sofa reading a book, or doing some handwork.  By being available but not engaging she can begin to explore the nursery without the help of mama and is more likely to play than if mama's attention is readily available.  The idea of someone actually encouraging me to stitch was wonderful.  So I duly took my little bag of stitching and some pieces of grey wool and stitched!Thanks to me leaving my yarn bag behind, this happy wildflower meadow with tulips, poppy, daisies and wild grasses came together from some random leftover colours in the bottom of my stitching bag.  Isn't it wonderful how something can happen from nothing sometimes?I sewed it up into a little makeup bag as my current one is a little worse for wear.   Although I barely wear makeup these days, each time I come to put a little lipstick on, I will think of the day my little girl started nursery and smile.  xx
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  1. That is simply beautiful Lisa .... I must admit, I am surprised you didnt have a little line-up of small girls & boys wanting to see what you were doing & learn to stitch !!!!! In my mind I could just see a little trail of them all . . . curious

  2. Pretty little bag - handy and contains memories too xx

  3. I love your embroidery. The brown fabric you have sewn on looks such a lovely texture.

  4. Its gorgeous Lisa, I always admire your stitching.


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