Seasonally Strange

June 10, 2014

The seasons seem to be so messed up.  

When I dropped our little girl off at nursery the other day, we saw a mama duck and a bunch of tiny little ducklings in June!   Our chillies were finishing up a few months ago, and suddenly they had a flush of flowers and now there are new little green chillies growing and ripening.  We have Spring flowers, Winter silver beet and even little self set Summer tomatoes growing.

Although there is something nice about the long warm autumn we have had, there is also something a little bit unsettling about it too.

Don't you think?


  1. Oh I agree Lisa - I have a rhododendron in flower & it is supposed to be a spring flowering tree. I think the seasons have gotten themselves all confused & I am wondering what spring will actually bring. I like it better when the seasons are more defined & we know whats what.

  2. I still have strawberries flowering, and my blossom tree is almost starting to flower. I like wearing Winter woolies and I haven't had a chance yet!

  3. My neighbour's roses have blooms on them! Silly Auckland weather.

  4. Actually, it is quite often fairly mild & Indian summerish until we get to Queen's Birthday weekend...I was just thinking yesterday about a trip to Mahia at QB when Matthew was 14 & he's 29 now (eek!) & I remember that it was very mild & sunny...the boys wore shorts (cold overnight though) & after that the frosts arrived. The paper whites do actually also flower now...funny things. My friend grows miles of them & I am always amazed at how they trick us, flowering in June like they do. Things certainly are a little up the wop, I'll give you that! Handy having more chilies I do love your tiered garden, so colourful & productive. I adore you nikaus in the background too....beautiful things. Have a happy week. Much love Catherine x0x0x

  5. My spring bulbs have snuck up under the fruit trees

  6. Haha - meanwhile I'm cold!! :p


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