Hottie Project Update

June 11, 2014

If you didn't already know the Hottie Project is up and running again for 2014 you can read more about it and join in here.

Today we did a bit of a count up and so far we have received over 200 hottie covers ready to warm up kids in Christchurch!  The support this year has been absolutely amazing, I feel so proud to say I live amongst such a caring bunch of people.

Are you still working on your hottie cover, or just about to start? We plan to finalise the care parcel at the end of June so you have a good two to three weeks to get your hottie covers made and sent in :)

Want to join in?  Click here to receive the Welcome Pack with sewing, crochet, knitting and quilting patterns and tutorials so you too can make some hotties for the children of Christchurch.  It is such a lovely project to work on during these winter evenings, and one which will be much appreciated too.

I hope you are all keeping warm and dry,



  1. Great to see soooo many coming in! I am pleased to spot mine in the pile, I was hoping they had arrived. Good luck, here's to 200 more soon!

  2. That is one amazing pile of hotties!

  3. so lovely to see you rallying the troupes again and doing this lovely thing xxx

  4. Hi Lisa, I lost your address, I deleted by mistake all the info and I have 5 hottie covers ready to post.
    Could you let me know were to send the covers to, thank you so much.


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