50 Years

November 14, 2014

Thanks so much for both your comments on my last post, and the lovely emails you sent.  They really meant a lot - it sure is lovely to be back.

My parents have been staying with us on and off to help look after me and our little girl (and help my Honey), and whilst here they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  50 years of being married!  Hard to get your head around really.  I remember my grandparents 50th anniversary and they seemed so old at the time, but I guess they were about the same age.  Time is an interesting thing.

I got to thinking the other day that it is something I am very unlikely to celebrate myself.  Not because of the difference in generations in terms of divorce etc, but simply because we will most likely be in mid nineties before we would reach that milestone!

Anyway, it's certainly rather special and definitely something to celebrate.  We knew they wouldn't get to throw the bash they probably intended to, as they were here looking after me.   Long story short - once again I'm so grateful for amazing friends who, knowing I wasn't even slightly capable of doing it myself, made them a sweet decorated cake and bought round bunches of balloons for a lovely morning tea.

It truly made their day, and mine.
.. and there was a certain little someone who was pretty happy about the balloons and cake too :)

Congratulations Mum and Dad!



  1. What a fantastic milestone to reach and such a special group of friends you have. Happy anniversary to Ma and Pa Big Little.

  2. Congrats to them! It is amazing and definitely worth celebrating xx

  3. How very wonderful is this! A gift indeed!!!! And you are so right about time...it is a funny thing....something to appreciate that's for sure! All the best to your parents! Nicole

  4. Sure is something celebrate!

  5. Welcome back! It's lovely to see you pop up on my screen again. I hope you're starting to feel better. There are some nasty things going round at the moment. Yes, 50 years is quite a accomplishment. My parents celebrate the same milestone in August next year. Very admirable isn't it. Sunshine is on its way. Feel better soon xxx

  6. stunning flowers! Congrats to your Mum and Dad! Yay for long marriages!

  7. Oh, congratulations to your Mum and Dad. What an admirable milestone to reach. It is so lovely how anniversaries of others makes you stop and contemplate time. I missed your last post (even though I had noticed your absence). So sorry to hear you've been unwell, but it is lovely to see you back here again. I hope you're on the mend. x


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