Flower Decorating

November 17, 2014

Daddy took our little girl for a stroll down the lane to give me a little quiet time.  Happily they set off, with her basket swinging and spirits high.  The house was deliciously quiet.  So quiet it almost felt loud.

A short nap later the troops arrived back again with all manner of roadside flowers.  Such beauty growing wild (with the odd one from plucked from an unsuspecting front garden I imagine).

"We are spring decorating mama! Spring means flowers, doesn't it mama?!"  Flowers are carefully arranged one by one into many, many jars.  Decorating with flowers serious business for this beauty loving girl.  I love how flowers make her so happy.  I guess they make us all happy don't they.



  1. Yes, love flowers in the home, especially when they have been handpicked especially for you by a special pair of little hands. Lovely post, and enjoy the tranquility while it lasts.

  2. I'm yet to meet a little (or big) girl who doesn't like flowers - they are so joyful xx

  3. I agree with Leonie, big, little......all sizes and ages, girls love flowers!

  4. Gorgeous :-) My little lady loves to pick them too, particularly from my garden (not many wold flowers in my area sadly)
    Flowers on the table/sideboard just make my heart happy
    Also totally random but we use those jars as vases too, arent they perfect!

  5. Hello dear Lisa, I am so glad that you up to posting again. I hope that you manage to hang on to your equilibrium after so may long hard days (& nights).
    There is nothing more joyous than picking flowers..anyone can do it. And the good thing is that they die, eventually...so we get to do it all over again!!! My niece & nephew both love to go out in to my garden & pick flowers for the joy of the choosing & gathering whenever they come to visit. They both know where to find my varied & abundant stash of vases too.
    Of course, anyone at all can go along for the walk...you don't even have to know much about flowers to have a lovely time.
    Rest well & keep gathering kindness around you.
    Much love Catherine x0x0x

  6. Oh no! I see another cast on that poor little girl! Did I miss something? Flowers are beautiful - it's been pouring for three weeks over here in our miserable Italian fall...


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