Vintage Christening Shoes

September 27, 2010

Last week I came across an amazing find at the thrift store - a vintage satin wedding dress for a bargain price. I have wanted to make some little christening shoes for a while and the concept of recycling from a wedding dress sat nicely with me.

I wasn't sure exactly of the style until I was chatting with my friend Elizabeth the other day, who showed me how to make little hand made fabric roses. The idea was born and I set about creating some sweet satin flower shoes for a special little girl.

Attaching the flowers to the toe was challenging, but I eventually got there! The trick is to hand-sew all layers of the flower to the shoe and not just the outside, otherwise it seems to untwist itself.

The traditional mary jane style strap looked a touch heavy, so I changed it for pretty satin ribbons. I thought they could be tied in a bow, or criss-crossed around the ankle for a ballet slipper look.

They are waiting in my shop ready for your favourite girl... perhaps a lovely baby shower gift?

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