Woollen Goodness - On My Worktable

April 09, 2014

On my worktable has been a bunch of warm woollen bears, shoes and pixie hats.   The weather here is cooling off and although it is not too chilly yet, the change certainly is in the air.  

Off they went today to a shop in the South Island of New Zealand.  I do hope they find lovely new owners :)


Baby Shoes

March 26, 2014

Over the years I have made many baby shoes.  Each pair individually sewn with love and beautiful attention to detail.  

They make my heart smile these little baby shoes.  I remember years ago when I first started making them how long they took me to sew a pair due to my injury.  It was a l-o-n-g.  time.  Working for simply a minute or so at a stretch with some days not managing any sewing at all, you can imagine my pride when I finally finished my first pair.  It was a fantastic achievement.

Years later I still have to pace myself when making shoes.  A little bit of work here and there in between other things is how I manage to complete them.  Crafty evenings with lovely friends to help me cut some of the pieces, doing tiny sets of shoe embroidery in the evenings over a week or so, sewing for a short while in the morning when my hand is still fresh, then coming back to them later in the afternoon for a bit more.
When my honey, family or friends happen to be about, I pull out a bag of sewn shoes ready for turning right side out (cheeky huh!) as they do require a little bit of grip to pull through, then begins the task of hand sewing the little turning hole closed which happens over time too.

These were a mammoth effort over a lengthy period preparing for the festive season last year - I would rarely have so many shoes together at one time.  I found the images on my camera the other day and the satisfaction of seeing them all laid out like that actually bought a tear to my eye.

There is not a day that goes past that I don't feel incredibly proud of how hard I have worked to get to where I am today in terms of my injury, and seeing those years of recovery translated into a garment; a pair of shoes, a cape, a beautiful coat brings me so much pleasure.

Although you may not be able to see the love and hope and care which is stitched into each and every one of my pieces,  rest assured it is very much there.


You will find a few of these shoes in my shops here and here.

Cookie Connection - Adventure 5

March 24, 2014

The Cookie Connection continues again this week - connecting with our neighbourhood by delivering a batch of cookies to a neighbour in our street each week.The gorgeous summer evenings delivering when daddy comes home from work will soon be over.  The days are becoming darker and the need to move our delivery day to the weekend will be upon us in no time so we are relishing these last adventures before winter hits.  I think we were all a little disheartened after our last delivery so I did have some anxious feelings about wanting this one to be a positive experience.  As an aside you can see Cyclone Lusi left us with lots of interesting leaves and branches to poke through as we wandered down the road.

Lets go to this house Mama! By now you are probably beginning to realise why we don't see a lot of our neighbours.  Many are down rather long driveways, through bush and often with epic outdoors staircases.  Although our houses are not far away from each other, due to the bush and inaccessibility they certainly seem so.
A very excited little girl knocked on the door but alas no-one was home.  Oh no!
Was it to be a repeat of the last delivery?  It is always a little heartbreaking to see an excited child lose their enthusiasm.  Do we call it a day and try again tomorrow?  
Of course not.  Try, try and try again :)

My honey spotted another set of steps a wee way through the bush going down to another house. 
This meant that if we went cross country through the bush we didn't need to go all the way back up to the top, just to come all the way back down again to the next house.  The little lady did very well and needed a bit of a "daddy carry" at one point to reach the new set of steps, but it was well worth it to avoid the alternative.

After quite the adventure we did find someone home. 

A lovely, lovely man who was truly blown away by our gesture. 
Seeing the smile on his face was such a buzz, and the pride on our little girl's face when she handed over the bag was priceless.  

... and just like that - our day felt great.  

On the way home, we were all-a-twitter about what the next cookies will be, ooh... which house shall we choose and cries of "we do another one now mama?"

Yes.  We are certainly back on track.


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Jars of Happy - Peach Jam

March 21, 2014

Thanks to friends who shared their surplus fruit, we made some happy jars of peach and apple jam.
Just seeing these lined up in my store cupboard makes me feel good.

Happy friday all.

Candy Stripe and Floral - Op Shop Finds

March 18, 2014


There is something pretty special about making clothing for your own children, however, I have had my fair share of loses amongst the wins when it comes to things she has liked.   But seriously, what is not to love about pink candy stripes and floral?!

I found this adorable candy stripe blanket in the op shop and my heart skipped a beat.  I managed to pick it up for an absolute bargain due to the large hole right in the middle, but I knew I could work around it.  The lining is thrifted too, a gorgeous floral on deep brown which will hopefully break up the stripes a little.

To be honest, our little girl isn't all that keen on wearing warm clothes.  Shedding clothes in the middle of winter last year was a familiar sight, with us chasing after trying to layer her back up again.  Recently I heard that children can't get an accurate feeling of how cold they are until about ten years old so hopefully this little coat will do the trick.

Still a work in progress.


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Pixie Coat - On My Worktable

March 13, 2014

You might remember a while ago,  I talked about the crochet blanket I made with Gran when she was still with us.  Together with my Gran we started crocheting squares but they had languished in a box until my friend Kara crocheted them all together for me into a beautiful blanket last year.

It seems that every. single. day. I get pleasure from seeing my blanket completed.  Whether it is pulled up over me on the couch while watching something in the evening, on my bed as an extra layer, being used as a fort or even a snuggly place for the kitten to nap on.  It wraps us in love every day, and everyone knows it is Mama's Blanket!

Swaps are wonderful.  Last winter I made her little girl a cape from her mothers baby blanket but since then I have felt the need to make her something else to say thanks so I made a simple pixie coat for this coming winter for her,  using this pattern.  Pink and brownish grey wool, with my signature pixie hood and handmade wooden buttons of course, so it is a little girly but a bit woodsy too.

I love making things which don't have a deadline other than "by the time it gets cold". Our little girl's winter coat is also slowly being worked on in between other things and I'm so enjoying the relaxed pace of making things for us.


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Doll House Roof Idea

March 11, 2014

So I had this grand idea about making a shingle roof for our doll house from pine cone scales.  I've been pondering it for a while and I just had to see what it might look like so I could get the idea out of my head.

We collected a bunch of pine cones from under the trees in our area to do the trial.  We had a little helper pulling off the scales and grouping them into different sizes.

The trial didn't involve glue, but I think it looks promising!  Oooh exciting...
Will keep you posted.


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