Building in the Jungle

February 12, 2015

Living amongst rainforest is amazing.  Trying to grow things in it is, ahem, challenging.   Having a wee garden space to grow and pick some salad greens, veges and berries has to be one of my favourite spring and summer joys.  I am not a hardcore gardener but I find it so enjoyable to wander outside, weed a little, water a little and pick a little.  Munching on a few sun warmed berries and a fresh pea pod or two while outside is simply my idea of heaven.

The jungle is the sunniest spot at our place, unfortunately it is very steep and virtually all hard, compacted clay.  Not particularly conducive to growing goodies for the table which is why I feel so incredibly lucky that whilst I was sick, my dad and my Honey set to work putting in some little garden beds for me.

This started in early October and the "after" pics below are a few weeks along when I took the grand tour!  Making the trip down was quite the effort for me at the time and I was so happy when I saw them in person I almost cried :)  

It look so very different now, a few months later and the beds are full of edible plants.  I will have to share some peeks soon of what it looks like now we are actually harvesting!

I love to have a look around other peoples food gardens.  If you have blogged about your garden this summer I would love to see it.  Please leave a link in the comments so I can take a peek :)

Lots of summer gardening love to you!


A Belle Dress

February 10, 2015

Don't you just love it when something turns out well, especially when you have your doubts as to how you might pull it off?  Last week I shared the Everest of works in progress on my table - perhaps you remember some deep yellow/gold fabric patiently waiting to be made into a Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) dress?

Our little girl's brief for some time has been an "off the shoulder dancing dress" and I must admit to being a tiny bit flummoxed as to how I might achieve that and still be practical for a 3 year old.  So on our "home day" last week, we sat together over breakfast and chatted more about what she had in her mind.

The details to come forth were quite surprising, and truly gave quite an insight into her mind and what she notices and takes in.  From the position of the dress on the shoulders, to the shape of the neckline, the swag, and even the gloves.
Without her being able to draw what she wanted, she explained to me while I drew - with some trial and error on my part...  It has things on it mama. No mama it doesn't have roses on it, or flowers, it has things! What kind of things sweetheart? Things, mama!  Eventually she fetched a picture to show me the gathering detail on the skirt and was so excited when I finally got it and drew just what she wanted.


A few hours of cutting and sewing and just like that, we had a Belle dress.  I'm so stoked.
The smile on that wee girl's face says it all :)
Although she is prone to surruptitiously slipping the sleeves slightly more off her shoulder because "that's how Belle wears it".

Mama, can I go down into the jungle in my new Belle Dress?
Sure! Lets go pick some things for lunch...  and off we went.

A bunch of pictures to follow because, well, who doesn't enjoy seeing pictures of a happy yellow Belle dress, in a New Zealand "jungle"!  Enjoy xx


February 08, 2015

A portrait of our little girl, once a week, every week in 2015

The last playdate with your "besties" before they head off on their big adventure.

More Toadstool Love

February 03, 2015

Gosh, what an amazing response to the toadstool house pattern!  I am blown away by your support in purchasing my latest pattern: "A Village of Toadstools" and it makes my heart sing to know that so many of you want to make your own little toadstool village - I can't wait to see the results :)

Yesterday I promised to share with you some of the delightful toadstool houses made by the super talented ladies in the testing group.  There were so many wonderful ideas, and I think everyone really enjoyed putting their own little touches onto their 'shrooms.

So today is a selection of work from the testing team.  Thanks so much to Sarah, Jacqui, Miriam, Aimee, Louana, Stacey, Jodi, Wendy, Gail, Toni and Viki for sharing your pics with us.

Be sure to stop by these blogs and check out Louana's Green and Red Toadstool here, Miriam's Peacock and Spotted Toadstool here, and Aimee's Magic Toadstool House here.

...and a few final pics, because, well why not?!

If you would like to have a go at making your own toadstool, you can get your copy of the "Village of Toadstools" pattern in my shop here or using the button below.

It features three different sized toadstools, a full tutorial, pattern pieces and a handy embroidery & inspiration guide.  It is an easy sew construction, and the perfect project if you are new to embroidery.  Use the code TOADSTOOL50 for a half price launch discount of only $3.75.  I know it is rather generous, so take advantage today!  It is for a very limited time :)


Buy "A Village of Toadstools" Pattern

A Village of Toadstool Houses

February 02, 2015

It is no secret that I love a woodland aesthetic. Little toadstool houses, storybook characters living in enchanted forests. I love the dreaminess of a childhood spent imagining such things - and still do.

I made these little toadstool houses as Christmas gifts for our little girl's nursery/kindy teachers who share my delight in this kind of thing too. Each house is a bit different but they have a little felt door which opens to reveal the lucky little critter living inside, a tiny bicycle parked outside against the wall and of course lots of wildflowers and butterflies in their garden.

I crafted them from offcuts of an old cream blanket and the red toadstool caps from a no-longer-worn corduroy shirt.  They are of a rather simple construction, weighted with river pebbles and stuffed.  It was fun to just stitch whatever came into my head and not have to think about anything technical.  Such a pleasure to sew.

I hope they enjoy them as much I enjoyed making them.

I'm pleased to say the pattern for "A Village of Toadstools" featuring three different sized toadstools, a full tutorial, pattern pieces and embroidery & inspiration guide just been released in my shop.  You will find it here or you can use the button below.  (If you are located in the EU please use the button below).

Use the code TOADSTOOL50 for a half price launch discount of only $3.75.  I know it is rather generous, so take advantage today!  It is for a very limited time :)

Tomorrow I hope to share with you some of the wonderful toadstool houses created by the ladies in the pattern testing group.  So many wonderful ideas, I'm sure you will have a delightful time looking through them all.


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February 01, 2015

A portrait of our little girl, once a week, every week in 2015

Trying on your little friend's Elsa dress.
Deciding you would very much like one.



January 25, 2015

A portrait of our little girl, once a week, every week in 2015

Fresh from the bath, bouncing on the bed and hiding under the covers.  Joyful times.