Pink French Cotton

October 21, 2010

A wee while ago, I was lucky enough to find (in a bargain box) some absolutely beautiful vintage quilted French cotton fabric.

The texture in the fabric was so lovely, that I wanted to make a simple style garment which would show off the detail.

After searching diligently for some time for a perfect vintage pattern to use, I finally found one in a second hand shop (50 cents!) for a really sweet jacket. The 60's pattern actually included an entire infant's layout and I also adore the dress on the bottom right corner - that might be another project shortly!

I decided to make the simple little kimono jacket (the blue one on the right hand side) and chose a neutral striped cotton lining in order not to overpower the design on the outer fabric.

The fabric called for generous ties which looked luxurious so velvet ribbon was the obvious choice, however, I felt it needed just a little extra something without being too bold.

I hunted around in my vintage button jar and found 4 little pearl buttons which I think just finished it off perfectly.

A lovely, charming, elegant little garment, which will be part of my shop update this week. (If only I knew I was having a girl!)


  1. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Hello - I made garments from this pattern for my first daughter. I am so glad a copy was still around for you to turn a piece of beautiful material into a delightful, practical garment for a baby. Your talent is amazing & I admire what you are doing with embroidered cloths as well.


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