Pet Stockings!

November 26, 2010

We are having a lovely, simple Christmas this year (being quite pregnant...) so I have time to make some stockings for my honey and I.

I felt like I needed a bit of a "trial" before making our life-sized ones,  so had some fun making little Christmas stockings for the 2 overindulged furry friends we will be looking after over the holidays.  (Over the Christmas break we will be cat-sitting at my brother's orchard, near the beach).  

I crafted these pet stockings from an old candlewick bedspread and a pair of trousers, decorated with some pretty reclaimed buttons.  I used the belt loops on the trousers for the hanging loops.

The little "grinch-foot" is stuffed to keep it looking sturdy and stops the presents from falling into the toe and getting stuck.  Heaven forbid that our furry friends, Zorro and Ginga lose their wind-up mice in their stockings...

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