Christmas Light Trail - Christmas Ritual 3

December 21, 2010

Although we have enjoyed decorating very simply this year,  one has to admit the folks of Franklin St. in Auckland do it with gusto.

Their speciality of extravagant Christmas lighting sure is a fun, free ritual to enjoy during the lead up to the big day.

Rain has prevented us from doing the light trail before now, however, seeing as it isn't looking like letting up any time soon, we decided to embrace the wet stuff and take a look.  Well to be honest, we didn't really brave it - I took these pics from a moving car in the rain!  The crowds of umbrella toting families were a cheery sight and almost made it feel like a winter Christmas.

Tonight's Christmas movie marathon choice - Miracle on 34th Street.
Surprisingly I have never seen it until now. Cheesy but sweet :)


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