Spinning Wheel

January 09, 2011

As a child, I was always fascinated by the rhythmic motions of Gran's spinning wheel.  Watching her spinning was so therapeutic and I believe she enjoyed her craft until quite late into life.  Since Gran passed, my aunt has also taken up the tradition of spinning.

Whilst on our summer road trip, my honey and I found a gorgeous spinning wheel for sale which reminded me of her.  He was interested in it as a piece of furniture and I was keen to one day give spinning a go.  (Owning our lifestyle block with sheep and alpacas, spinning the wool and making my own garments may be a while off, but dreams are free...)

We bought the wheel for a bargain price, but with no guarantee that it works.  I have absolutely no idea how to spin, however, after a good cleanup, it now smiles at me with the anticipation of a new hobby waiting to be discovered.

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