Butterfly Watching Jacket

February 17, 2011

I remember having a "special" item of clothing when I was a little girl - one I felt so pretty and "princess-like" when wearing that I just didn't want to take off!  So my wish was to create something really beautiful yet still functional and versatile.

Last week's sewing project of my pirate jacket was just so enjoyable, this week I decided to make a little girl's jacket for my shop, with the purpose of something close to my heart when I was a child - butterfly watching.

In the end I went for a fully reversible, slightly longer line design featuring parts of an embroidered tablecloth, hand crocheted lace and some other repurposed pretty yellow and grey fabrics.  

Perfect for "butterfly watching" this spring/summer weight jacket is in keeping with my philosophy of using reclaimed and vintage fabrics.  The main body of the jacket has floral embroidery, lace and panels of fabric fastening with child friendly snaps.

The reverse side is a lovely yellow and grey stripe, with panels of yellow.  When reversed, the collar still features the hand crocheted lace on the reverse side.  It is just like having two jackets in one.

A gorgeous complete ring of embroidered flowers adorns the back,  the perfect spot for a butterfly to rest!  This absolute one-of-a-kind piece will fit a little girl aged 2-3.  

May some butterflies cross your path today!


  1. It's so beautiful. I had a pink suit that my nana made when I was about 5. It had flowers all over it embroidered by her on the jacket and the legs of the pants. It was amazing to wear and I remember feeling so pretty in it.

    I just made a skirt with the same grey/yellow linen too, it's such a nice fabric


  2. Serious love - does it come in my size. I think I need one for butterfly watching.

  3. another absolutely amazing creation, you are so talented!


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