Rainy Day

May 27, 2011

Rainy days just seem to call for hot chocolate and cake.  I enjoyed mine while looking at the piles of leaves still falling from our Oak tree.

Mum made this fruit cake - she is famous for it.  She has made it since I can remember as Christmas cake, but now it seems to be made all year round with the addition of delicious citrus icing.  Generally baked for celebrations or consolations, however in this case it was just some lovely home baking which they delivered on Mother's Day weekend.  

My honey thought he had eaten the last piece a few days ago.  Little did he know I had squirreled away a slab of it just for me :)


  1. Anonymous10:46 AM

    That fruit cake looks (and sounds) so delicious! Mmmmm, next time save me a piece too, okay? :)

  2. Mmm loving hot chocolate and cake on rainy days! My kind of girl! & those slippers are divine--want some! :)

  3. Those look like the comfiest slippers ever! The cake and hot chocolate look very inviting too.

  4. Individuals seem like the actual comfiest slip-ons actually! The actual dessert as well as warm dark chocolate appear really welcoming as well.

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