June 28, 2011

I even had a tear in my eye when she got her injections last week.  The idea of me being such a softie surprised me!

5 days later, however, I didn't expect our poor little poppet to still be suffering.
She has literally been screaming hour after hour for days .  You know that cry of pain which is just so heartbreaking to hear as a mum (the step up in pitch, volume and intensity from the hungry or tired one).

We are all exhausted.  Mentally and physically.

A trip to the doc yesterday confirmed nothing untoward, probably just the immunisations making her feel miserable.  Apparently it has been known for the symptoms to last longer than a week!  I really feel for her as she is normally she is such a happy, smiling wee thing.

Her prescription is still plenty of cuddles,  fluids and pamol when needed.
Here's for a happier poppet starting tomorrow.


  1. oh hope she feels better soon!

  2. :( poor little love! Not fun for either of you. That picture says it all!! Hope she feels much better soon!


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