Snow Day

August 15, 2011

When I woke this morning and heard the forecast of snow falling in Auckland,
I was a little surprised, however, we had snow here today - for the first time since 1939!

Later in the day it got really cold, then the white stuff starting falling... 
So exciting!

Although I must say that it did look rather more like hail than snow at our place :)

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  1. We were trying not to laugh at Aucklanders and their snow but 1939 is a long time ago, so I think it's ok for you to be excited!! We have 12-15 inches all over our property and deeper in other places, it's amazing. It looks so pretty. Unfortunately I sprained my ankle yesterday in it, so am stuck on the sofa today leaving long winded comments on people's blogs, tehe. Do keep warm!


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