Wooly Finds

August 18, 2011

I was like a kid in a candy stall when I found these awesome spools of wooly thread in the doorway of a local thrift shop the other day.

So many gorgeous colours I wasn't sure where to begin choosing.  I asked the lady how much they were, she said grab the ones you want and I'll give you a good deal...  She was very generous as I ended up with 15 large spools for just $5. Thank you kind lady! 

I simply cannot wait to begin using these, I have so many ideas for capes which feature embroidery, like this one here On occasion I use wool which I sometimes find a little too thick, and other times use embroidery thread, which on the other hand sometimes doesn't have the "body" I would like.  

These spools are in between and just so perfect, I was dreaming and debating my first project with them before I fell asleep last night.

Yay, for great finds which make you smile :)

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