First Christmas

January 15, 2012

We just arrived back from our Christmas break yesterday.  

I have loved looking back through these pictures and re-living all the sparkles, lights, food, smiles and anticipation - I even just loved all the red!  

What a lovely time with family and friends.

Our little Poppet was gifted a very special red dress for her first Christmas and she did a great job of laying on the charm with all her relatives.  

There was time for dancing.  Poppet just loves dancing (and galloping) and anything that involves being jostled about...

Time for eating.  

Beautiful South Island cherries, fresh local asparagus, delicious glazed ham,

and some of my Mum's double chocolate brownie.  Yum!

Time for present opening...

And time for some special moments with family.

We couldn't have wished for a more perfect first Christmas day.   
To all our family who made this day so special for us all - Thanks.


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  1. Wow she looks like such a big girl now! Looks like you had a wonderful christmas :)


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