Oak Babies

January 24, 2012

We returned from our holidays to a wilderness in our little garden.  To be honest the lawns needed mowing before we left, and after several weeks away it now looks more like a meadow!  

The overgrown look has a certain charm though.  Amongst the long grass are daisies, dandelions, little purple flowers and a host of others swaying gently and looking rather pretty.

My favourite discovery nestled amongst all the growth were lots and lots of little Oak babies!  Our big old Oak tree  has given birth to quite a large family.  I guess they would normally be topped by the mower and never noticed.

I spent some time this morning potting up a few of these little Oaks.  Hopefully we will have found our dream lifestyle property to plant them in before they get too big.

I guess I have plenty of time :)

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