Old Stitchery Books

April 24, 2012

I loved poking through the old needlecraft books at the local book fair over Easter - I found these little beauties for just $1.

The idea of a "stitchery walk" on the last pic is wonderful and I hope to make my own soon.  The idea is that you take a walk around your neighbourhood, or the seaside or anywhere really and recreate what you saw by stitching it onto fabric.  You can include houses, gardens, trees etc.  This is such a nice idea and a fun thing to do with children I think.

Isn't it lovely how the same simple stitches have been used by generations of women over the years.  Hopefully I will be able to teach our little poppet to embroider, just as my great grandma would have taught my gran.

Happy stitching everyone.


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  1. Erica S1:58 PM

    Here is the sewing on a map artwork I was talking about this morning http://www.marthastewart.com/375160/map-artwork... I thought it was an interesting take on the stitchery walk, which I'd not heard of before! x


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