Garden Discovery

January 30, 2013

We were so excited and happy to move into our very first home in August,  and gosh I still feel so lucky to live in such a calm and relaxing place.  It has occurred to me I am yet to share pics of our garden - so here is a little peek into our green space.

Much of the property is clad in native trees and the rest of the garden is almost vertical so growing space is at a premium and involves being a little creative.

There are lots of steps and pokey little corners harbouring some lovely treasures.

Today we spent some time digging out wild ginger which is a pest plant here (to be honest that means my honey dug while I pointed) and discovered a little herb garden with sage, lemon balm, scented geranium, mint and rosemary.  I love these types of finds!

Plans to make a food garden in a steep terraced area by our guest bedroom are forming.  It will be a bit of a mission digging out all the undesirables and replenishing the spent soil, but with some diligent composting we hope to be able to grow some nourishing food for our little family.  It seems there are already some wild strawberries :)

Do you have a really steep or small garden?
Have you managed to grow food successfully?
What things worked for you?



  1. love your bush setting! I hope it keeps you nice and cool in the summer xxx

  2. oh, it look just like you described, wild and exotic, heavenly!
    scented geranium is something i've never come across, i must look it up. we stopped spraying weeds in our garden as soon as i was pregnant with claud and since have had wild strawberries spring up under the trees and spread and spread. i love seeing claud sitting out there on a tree stump picking and scoffing like a hungry wee gnome!


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