Canine Visitors

February 07, 2013

A wee while ago a friend came over with her dogs.  Our little girl hasn't spent much time with animals given that we lived in the city until recently.  I was really excited when these furry friends turned up.

Her slight reservation turned to glee in no time at all.  The dogs were ever so patient and let her play with their ears and even tail at one point.   I loved seeing how gentle and caring she was with them - well as gentle as an almost two year old can be!

We would love to have her grow up with animals in her life, and are working ourselves up to the idea of having some around.  It is unlikely we will have a dog however, so we welcome all visitors of the friendly, furry variety to come and play.

Do you have pets?
How have you managed to keep their hair out of your fabric stash?  Is the extra work and expense worthwhile in terms of the pleasure your children get from them?
I would love to hear from you...



  1. Thats very sweet :)
    My little girl loves her dog, though she is near the end of her life, we've had her a long time :) she sheds her hair like crazy and it makes me go insane....when she passes we will definately have another dog, however next time it will be a dog that we have to cut their hair.

  2. My girls love our cat, and she was such a good distraction tool when they were little, if they were upset, we'd go and see the cat. Now they're a bit obsessed with cats, and we know all the neighbourhood cats (we walk everywhere!). If we don't know their name, we give them one ;) I do have to watch her around my fabric though- my ironing board is a bit of a work bench for me as I have little space, and I often find her up there on my blankets. Or trying to climb into paper bags of stock for shops there past few weeks. It's so lovely to have her around though, and she doesn't take much work.

    1. Hi Alicia, Thanks so much for your feedback. I'm a little nervous about getting pet hair into my workspace, but would love out little girl to grow up with animals in her life. Cats seems like less work but are more likely to leave hair... What type of cat do you have? Lisa x


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