Baking - Gingernuts

March 05, 2013

Gingernut cookies for the grown-ups.  We made ours with spelt flour and golden syrup.  They have a crunchy exterior and ever so slightly chewy inside.  So so good.

A little girl I know is really enjoying baking.  Stirring, measuring and peering in the oven door are her favourite.  Once cooled, each cookie is gently placed into the tin by little hands, with much care and consideration.   There was one missing though...

Recipe here - happy baking!



  1. mmm, i'm a big gingernut fan and always keen for a new recipe, ta x

    1. Hi Max, I totally recommend this recipe - the chewy insides are just divine :) Lisa x

  2. Yum, these look so good! Love the baking pictures, I need to do more baking with Chloe, I know she would just love it!

  3. We made something a little similar recently, I totally overdid the ginger, but they were still delicious. These look great! Love the biscuit pinching picture, it really made me smile :)

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