Off to Alaska

March 11, 2013

Today some of my little toadstool pixie hats are off to a photo shoot in Alaska!
How exciting is that!   I can't wait to see the snow filled pics featuring these child sized hats.

Sewed up this pair of toadstool toddler shoes for our little girl to try out for size.  She is right at the end of the last pair I made her, so I have drafted another pattern a bit larger for her autumn "indoor shoes".

I have a bunch of new embroidery designs in mind for my soft baby shoes.  A new pdf pattern might be in the air too?  Stay tuned...



  1. That is so exciting! You must be so proud to see your work headed off to different parts of the world!! :) Hazel

  2. Hi Hazel, Thanks! Yes, it is always fun posting things to far flung places. Realising that someone on the other side of the world found your work and loved it enough to wrap around their children is such a nice feeling :) Lisa x

  3. Those little shoes are just gorgeous. Perfect for the upcoming winter. Beautifully made, as always.

  4. wow that's fabulous! I have a friend who lives in Alaska and it always looks magical! Those hats are so gorgeous! a perfect combination for sure xxxxx

    1. Hi Jane, It sure does look magical with the snow doesn't it? I can't wait to see all the pics - so excited :) x


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