Easter at Our Place

April 07, 2013

Easter rituals at our place involve our Easter Egg Tree and keeping an eye on cheeky Lindt bunnies known to disappear if you don't watch them carefully :)

I bought these beautiful hand painted eggs many years ago, and delight in taking them out of their special wrap each year.  They remind me of my travels and of lovely people.

My folks joined us this year, helping us complete a bunch of things on our to-do list.  Lots of wood-work (more about that soon), fixing, gardening, water blasting, making, hanging...  thanks Mum and Dad for all your help, it sure feels good to have so many things ticked off.

We also managed pajamas till morning tea, an outing to our beach, wild strawberry picking and a couple of roast dinners.  Yum :)


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