Cold but Cosy

May 29, 2013

So it isn't snowing here... but it is definitely the coldest day so far this season.   I couldn't help but think of Christchurch when I watched the weather last night, and wanted to take the opportunity to say a very big thanks for the overwhelming support of The Hottie Project since it's launch a few days ago.

It has been incredibly heartwarming to receive so many emails from people offering to help.  Together with individuals, there are craft groups getting together to make hotties, church groups too, mothers and daughters making them together in the evenings and even school children getting involved.

Offers of helps have not only come from New Zealanders, but have come from as far afield as Poland, Canada and France.  Thank you, thank you everyone.  I'm considering putting a linky up to share what you have made and perhaps might inspire others?  Please let me know what you think...
(If you want to find out more about The Hottie Project, please click here)


Today I'm sipping lemon tea with fresh ginger and honey, blowing my nose (endlessly), and endeavouring to rest.  With a warm and cosy fire (which I lit with the one remaining match in the box - no pressure!) and my beloved hottie bottle on my lap, I'm feeling very lucky there is nothing too pressing that can't wait until tomorrow.

I hope you are snug and warm wherever you are.



  1. Soooo freezing right?? We even had a power cut last night.. But sunny today, thankfully!

  2. Bitterly cold indeed! Yay for an awesome project taking off and hope you're feeling better soon! x

  3. yay for fires, and hottie projects, but boo for colds (me too). get well soon x

    ps i would enjoy browsing a linky, i have a thing for hotties x

  4. I think a linky is a great idea - it's really motivating to be able to link up your project, and it might help inspire people to create once they see a few different ideas! I would love to see what everyone else is making.


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