Op Shop Finds - Teapot

May 22, 2013

An old silvery teapot for our little girl's play kitchen and some interesting printed fabric.

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  1. aww, it's nice to find kid size real things for play-beats plastic anyday. and the fabric is interesting-kind of a toile de joiy (if thats how you spell it?!). and thanks for your lovely comment yesterday-it really made my day :0)

  2. I've got a couple of the same tea pots, for the kids kitchen. They are so cute! Love the fabric too.

  3. I think the kids like playing with these types of teapots more than the plastic ones. It seems more real for them. They last a bit longer too!

  4. Aaaaahhh so cute!! no doubt she is loving it!!

  5. That fabric really is lovely!
    Perfect for lining

    The play kitchen is _amazing_

  6. You have the most perfect backdrop for your photos - I'm very jealous!

    I have a little teapot like that I bought for my daughter to play with. Now it's hanging up in our hedge for the birds to nest in - no takers this year though sadly.


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