Op Shop Finds - Embroideries

June 24, 2013

Botanical embroidered tablecloth.  Lucky for me the embroidered parts are still in pretty good nick, albeit with few holes and quite a few stains in the linen.

If there are enough "good bits", it will become a little spring cape, with the off cuts used for baby shoes.  The other option is some little doll dresses with the leftovers used for coat detailing.

The finished results could be a way off though - still working on winter coats at the moment.
I actually just cut out a garment from this blanket featured a wee while ago on my "op-shop finds"...


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  1. You really do have a talent for spotting gorgeousness in op shops
    Love this find

  2. it's so great you can reused even the damaged pieces-so much intricate and lovely work, it would be too sad to throw it away. lovely to have you linking in again x

  3. It's so pretty! It' great that you have to many uses for it too! x

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