Baby Shower

July 24, 2013

There has been lots of talk about babies in the last few days - Wills & Kate's little arrival being the most famous of course.

I have been making little handmade things for baby showers for quite some time now although nothing for the royal family yet!   My staples are bumble bee or rose baby shoes, pixie hats or little hand embroidered vests.

Sometimes, however, it is nice to try something a little different so I thought I would share with you a few lovely things I have seen around lately for a beautiful handmade baby shower...
  1. Gorgeous Doggie Slippers knitting pattern - would make such a sweet hand made gift.
  2. Free printable Hot Air Balloon Notecard perfect for a baby shower invite, or thank you card.
  3. Stunning recipe for Plum Frangipane Tarts, surprisingly easy to make for how divine they look.
Do you have any go-to patterns, things you make or recipes for special baby events?  


This is not a sponsored post, just some sweet things I have curated :)


  1. The doggie slippers are so gorgeous

  2. The card looks lovely. My go to gift is a knitted aviatrix hat - just two nights of idle sitting in front of tv and done. The pattern is on ravelry.

  3. Oooh cute cute doggie slippers and card! and the tart looks so yum!

  4. Lovely, I like making owlie hats using this pattern:


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