Keeping Warm

July 30, 2013

Don't you just love the ambience of an open fire?  We are both pretty happy that our "Tree-house" has a fire in the lounge and it is an added bonus to also have a pot belly in the studio. Yippee!

Firewood delivery is a bit of an event, however, as we have to lug it down two outside levels to the wood store, then another level to the lounge and another three levels down to the studio...

The Tree-house is built over seven levels which is really fun to live in, but it does add an additional layer of logistics when it comes to things like this!

Luckily for us we have a willing little helper - complete with fingernail polish, beads and a holding a flower she managed to lug quite a substantial pile!

The willingness to take part and help in family tasks is so endearing.   She loves being part of anything going on and takes such pride in her work, celebrating every little success as she goes.  I find so much pleasure in watching her learn before my very eyes.

So the wood is stacked and delivered to all the places it needs to be, we have all had a workout from lifting and stacking (not to mention numerous trips up and down all the stairs) and now it is time to relax with a cup of tea and light the fire.

What better way to spend a few hours on a sunny winter afternoon?



  1. Hi Lisa, I adore the pics of your little girl with her beads & her flower & her painted nails - she is a busy little "helper". Yes we have a fire here too & sometimes it feels like I spend ALL winter lugging wood, but then I think of the folk that have cold homes (or no homes) & I appreciate all the work involved :-)

  2. wow you will never need to go to a gym with 7 levels in your house. Talk about incidentary exercise!!!

  3. Awesome house and gorgeous little helper! x

  4. And I also was contemplating the efforts that go into the warmth from a beautiful, glowing fire in the house compared with other sources of heating in the Winter and felt rather grateful, also...even so, we do love help with lugging all the wood :)

  5. Your treehouse is gorgeous. Hoping you are all good right now, sending heaps of love your way xxxxxxxx

  6. I adore the tree house -how wonderful to get to live a life in the trees and clouds.


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