A Winter Series - Pineconing

August 20, 2013

Our pineconing adventure was such a lovely family day out.  Our little girl's Aunty and Uncle live on a farm with a beautiful pine forest with an undergrowth of native tree ferns.

Poppet, Daddy and her Aunty walked up the forest road with her Uncle, his faithful dog and myself following behind.  
Complete with party dress and flower hair clips, the collecting began.. 
So many exciting things to be found like leaf skeletons, silver ferns, and baby pine cone starting to grow...

Of course no adventure like this could finish without freshly baked scones straight from the farmhouse oven.  Yum.

We returned with bags and bags of cones, some ferns to plant in our Tree-house garden, a few bunches of spring flowers and a happy although rather weary little girl.



  1. beautiful photography and collages! I love the colours and contrasts of the grey greens with the peppy pinks and reds

  2. oh my gosh that last pic!! um, recipe? those look divine

  3. oh look at the face in that last picture
    I just adore the wee poppet

  4. What gorgeous photos and such a lovely adventure! X

  5. Such a fantastic adventure. It's nice to see how little things like starting a fire wiht pine cones really comes about.


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