On My Worktable - Daycare Bag

August 29, 2013

I have been quiet on the creative front.  Other things have been front and center.

This daycare bag I made for our little girl a while ago but was only recently photographed.
Made from happy yellow vintage wool in a messenger bag style - a nice change from a standard black bag.

Of course it needed to be embroidered with some of my botanical designs and a little wildlife...  can't go past bumble bees and ladybirds :)



  1. I want one! Beautiful as always, seems that there isn't anything you can't transform. xxx

  2. beautiful, but especially so in that buttery yellow wool x

  3. I need one too! It's gorgeous. Jx

  4. It is so so gorgeous x

  5. That is really beautiful, what a lucky little girl to have such a special bag.

  6. Beautiful! And I bet it really stands out for it's beauty amongst all the other daycare bags :)
    Hope all the other things front and center and going well x

  7. That is the most beautiful daycare bag I have ever seen.
    I really, really hope your little one is all better and back at daycare with it really soon. x


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