Creating a Care Space

September 11, 2013

As it happens, life with a toddler sporting a broken leg is anything but simple - so I have been creating a "care space" by gathering the essentials into a centrally located room in our lovely tree-house.

As you saw here, our home is built over seven levels with many staircases making things a tad challenging.  We love our home so much but it certainly does have it's quirks!

Secondly, I have a disability which makes it rather difficult to lift our little girl, especially so at the moment when she has an awkward thigh high cast - you know the old-school, super heavy, thick plaster ones.  Carrying her from one room to another is simply out of the question.

So for the time being, making our lounge room as comfortable, simple, well stocked and beautiful is paramount.  No more climbing three flights of stairs to get a nappy, only to find I left the wipes behind!

So here are my comfort choices...

  • A well stocked bookshelf of favourites and new-to-her books.  Maisy Goes to Hospital is getting a good workout at the moment - kindly lent to us by a friend.
  • A basket of nappies on hand, with simple wipes and a lovely nappy cream.  Our little girl is toilet trained, but I am unable to carry her up the stairs to the bathroom so we are getting through as we can.
  • Warm and cosy, wood basket filled up.

  • A tin of home baked cookies gifted by a dear friend, and a little bunch of flowers to make the lounge extra cheery.
  • A bag of hand stitching and embroidery for when she is getting sleepy, but doesn't want to be left alone.  She can snuggle in and I have the opportunity do something for myself.
  • A bean bag.  Great for lounging, yet the beans help to support the leg in an elevated position.  This is one we had from babyhood and could do with being a little bigger.  Maybe our little girl can help choose some fabric from my stash, and I can make her up a new one.  Will post a pattern up if I make one!)
  • A stash of age appropriate movies.  We watch very little tv but at times like this, I make exceptions!  
  • A pile of cosy and familiar blankets and quilts.  Nothing like snuggling up under a handmade quilt to make you feel loved and cared for.

So there we have it - all settled in for the long haul!

Is there anything in particular you gather when your child is sick or injured?  Something that makes life easier for you, or gives them comfort?  I would love to hear from you...

Coming soon - entertainment :)



  1. You look like you are well organised

  2. Warm and cosy and comforting xxx

  3. i think you have got it covered there Lisa, is looks very inviting. good to be organised, 7 levels- omg!

  4. What a beautiful little spot for respite and recovery .. .. .. sending you much love Lisa and to wee M

  5. Looks like you're very well set up! Maisy was a big hit when my middle one was sick, although I have to say that I'd be a bit daunted by the prospect of so many weeks of immobility!


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