Down the Lane

September 28, 2013

These images of our little girl were taken shortly before her accident.  I was grumpy with her because she wanted to keep walking long after I was ready to head for home.  We had words.

Brought tears to my eyes when I found these today.
A few days ago the surgeon said it would take up to a year for her to fully recover from her injury. 
Now I wish I had just enjoyed her company.  
I won't take a simple walk "down the lane" for granted again.



  1. I know its easy to say 'don't beat yourself up', and harder to actually do it, but I'm sure she's well and truly forgotten that your exchange of words. Lovely pictures of a gorgeous girl by the way.

  2. Awww Lisa xxxx that would have been hard to hear

  3. Lovely images. Don't be too hard on yourself, that's why we have tomorrows, they're a second chance at the todays that we'd like to forget. Healing thoughts being sent your way for your daughter.

  4. Oh Lisa, I know all about those kind of regrets. You can't beat yourself up about it, it will eat you up.
    Hope things are getting easier for you all.
    Hugs J x

  5. Sweetheart we can never know what tomorrow is going to bring, we've all been there needing to hurry when our child wants to meander. Bless them they have no sense of time and urgency as we unfortunately do. I'm sure she will not be holding it against you, I'm so sorry to hear its going to be a long recovery time. She's a beautiful child who I know is loved very much, that's what she'll remember.
    Please don't beat yourself up about it.

    Peg xx

  6. oh my darling friend xxx
    a gorgeous girl who will always be a gorgeous girl xxx
    hugs hugs hugs

  7. isn't that the journey though? learning these things while there is time to make different choices next time. Isn't it great that she is still so small and you are still so important to her and there are all these things you will get to do again. Maybe it's time for a walk to come to her - you could collect little bits and pieces and take the walk by conversation. It's not wasted unless you don't use it to grow together. Good for you for recognizing it xxxx

  8. oh lisa, she is so beautiful!
    I'm sorry to hear it's going to take her so long to recover, poor wee mite. but they heal so well these little ones, so surprisingly well, you wait and see. You know, I trapped claudines finger in a door when she was 9 months old, took off the top part of her little finger and her nail, damaged the bones etc. you wouldn't even know it now, it just grew back, the whole thing! I hope she has the same good fortune xxx

  9. Oh honey, you are an amazing mama xxxx


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