Op Shop Finds - Vintage Sheets for a Play Tent

September 24, 2013

Pink and purple vintage sheets.
Our little girl's favourite colours at the moment - no surprises there :)

My plan is to make them into a play tent for the lounge.  Our little girl is spending a lot of time on the floor with her cast, so figured it might be nice to create a sweet little pink and purple tent for her with these.



  1. What a lovely idea, I'm sure it will cheer her up. I hope she's doing ok x

  2. Ooh, it's like "Glamping" indoors! Hope you and your little one are managing to stay sane thru this.

  3. so lovely to see you all this afternoon and a lovely pink cast too !! !!
    Go the play tent

  4. Lovely sheets and I am sure you will do a wonderful job creating a tent.

  5. Awesome sheets :) Great plan x

  6. What a perfect place for a secret afternoon tea...can I come? x


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