On My Worktable - Snowdrops

October 14, 2013

I embroidered some little snowdrops on happy yellow wool to be made into tiny woolen baby slippers.

Inspired by these lovely snowdrops growing around the base of my beloved grape vine.
Snowdrops remind me so much of my Gran.

I love snowdrops.
I love spring.



  1. So pretty. x

  2. oh so pretty they are! x

  3. Oh wow I love these

  4. Lisa, your sweet, simple posts full of authenticity & joy are bringing so much pleasure to my days. I love visiting you here! What perfect little snowdrops & sweet memories. I love them too & lily of the valley most of all...oh the fragrance. You are all doing so well with the leg! Love the seed sewing occupation. Have you made dolly pegs at all? I loved making them about "that" age. Sing out if you need some old wooden pegs & I'll post you some : ) Much love Catherine x0x0x

  5. One of my favourite flowers. So sweet.


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