Elves in the Studio

November 07, 2013

Once upon a time there was a little elf who created hand embroidered garments and other lovely little things in a secret studio, tucked away in the New Zealand rainforest.

Not many people knew the location of the secret studio, but those who did popped over to lend a hand, knowing how busy the little elf is at this time of year. (Thanks so much!)

The little elf's studio is in full swing for Christmas - sewing, embroidering, hand stitching, pressing, packaging.  Stocking up shops, preparing for seasonal markets, filling orders...

With little time for blogging, the little elf is going to post a series of photos over the next week instead.  How exciting! You might see glimpses of new items and a little insight into what goes in in the Big Little studio at this time of year.

(The little elf's cleaning schedule is a bit lax at this time of year, so please ignore any mess you may see in the studio :)

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  1. busy busy....I love eye candy like this picture so I'll love seeing all the pics of what you're up to in the coming weeks

  2. Gosh I hope you're Elves get paid overtime ;) I love that you draw on direct experience so much in your work. Lovely!

  3. good for you little elf - cleaning is for naughty pixies!

  4. the jasmine looks gorgeous as an embroidery

  5. Hello Lisa, so good to know that the leg is free once again! Has the hair been washed? I adore your jasmine still life & embroidery. What a gorgeous blanket that you are working on. One of those one-off colours that we may never come across quite the same again, I reckon. I can just imagine how thrilled you were to find the adorable bag. It's such a funny feeling when you come across something so wonderful & it costs so little. Thrilling in fact! I love the lugged around contents list : )
    Have a happily productive week. Much love Catherine x0x0x

  6. Your jasmine embroidery ia absolutely lovely lisa x

  7. Good little elf and helpers - gorgeous goodies being produced no doubt ;) xx

  8. That embroidery is gorgeous and Jasmine is one of my favourite scents


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