Waiting to Exhale

December 11, 2013

I feel like I have been holding my breath, but have not realised it until a few days ago.    

Recently I wrote about our little girl badly breaking her leg, but what I hadn't shared with you, was about a week after she came out of her cast, she had another wee fall and broke her foot.

We could barely believe it.  To be honest I didn't know how I would cope with just. one. more. thing. 
But coping is what we do isn't it.  Sometimes not particularly gracefully, but we cope because we have to.

I guess what I am trying to say is thanks. Thanks to everyone who has helped us cope over the last few months.  You have been more of a help than you could possibly know.



  1. Oh Lisa, isn't that always the way?! After a badly broken leg, a broken foot will be a piece of cake for her, thinking of you.

  2. Oh dear, you poor old things? Isn't life peculiar. It's the stretching just too far that's the thing. I entirely know the feeling! Un-graceful is also part of the deal sometimes. Thinking of you, much love & friendship, Catherine x0x0x

  3. Oh no. Sorry to hear this. Hope things improve and that she is comfortable. Cx

  4. Oh man that is a stink one :-( I can sort of relate - my son broke his arm and a couple of weeks after the cast came off he broke it again .. and then they had to re-break it AGAIN because it was healing wonky! Hope she gets better SUPER fast (p.s. I recommend looking up getting some comfrey ointment .. comfrey is also known as 'knit-bone' because it helps the bones to knit together .. to put on once out of cast)

  5. oh no!!! oh i bet you feel you cant deal with 1 more thing! Our babies not bouncing is a knife straight to a mamas heart! big hugs xxx

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