5000 Year Old Swamp Kauri

January 18, 2014

We received a call first thing saturday morning.  Please can we help lug some 5000 year old Swamp Kauri?  

A day in the countryside, breathing farm air and helping family sounded like a wonderful adventure.  We packed a picnic lunch and the bag of cookies I had fortuitously baked the day before and set off right away.

The slabs of Kauri were absolutely immense - around 4 meters long and weighing enough to give four strong blokes a hernia.  Pile after pile after pile of them.  Slabs, flitches, planks, heart wood and an almighty piece featuring incredible burls.  

Those of us without the heavy lifting power were in charge of measuring, labelling and recording each piece of timber before being manhandled into the shipping container.

There was lots of help from our little girl who brushed off the debris, helped me number the slabs with chalk (I did the numbers, she did the beautiful 2 year old artwork).

Our little girl had some lovely one on one time with her aunty.

Being able to connect with her aunty and uncle like this is priceless   I wasn't the one, however, spending hours sweating and heaving timber all day long!  We were generously gifted some pieces of swamp Kauri for my honey's efforts though.  Very generous indeed.

A wonderful summer day.



  1. Is'nt Kauri amazing. Over the New Year we were in the Far North and were able to go and see Tane Mahuta a still standing 2000 year old Kauri Tree. Breathtaking to see xo

  2. Wow! That's quite amazing I have never heard of kauri before so I am off to investigate...

  3. looks wonderful! cant wait to see what you do with your gifted pieces! I have never heard of Kauri either x

  4. Goodness! Look at the size of it! amazing!

  5. That is amazing! Can't wait to see what is made from your swamp kauri!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing such an astonishing encounter with us. Such age & grandeur. Do let us know what you end up doing with your slabs. Looks like it was indeed a lovely family time out in the country side. Gorgeous photos too. Have a lovely week. Much love Catherine x

  7. I love kauri, it's my favourite, but swamp kauri, i imagine it has a lovely patina. beautiful photos, making some lovely memories there x

  8. A lovely day! I love the pic of her 'helping' load the kauri! very sweet! when we had the dam dug out I was secretly wishing we might unearth some swamp kauri....but from the burnt spots that we found deep down and rubbish pit....it looked like someone had got there before :)

  9. WOW what an amazing gift and that kauri is incredible
    I know your talented honey will make something magnificent with it


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