Blogger Image Title Dilemma

January 20, 2014

One for fellow bloggers...

I came to add an image to my sidebar recently and it seems that Blogger now requires you to enter a title.  As I find titles mostly unnecessary and they look a bit cluttered I was slightly perplexed.

Well good news! There is a simple fix.  Simply enter the code below and problem solved.


Info thanks to KobusNL on the google forum!


  1. I hear you- sometimes you just don't need a title! I personally hate putting in a subject for emails- I may be the only with this pet peeve.

  2. Ooh, thank you! I just used it for my sidebar photo, I hated that it had to be accompanied with a title.

  3. Thanks SO much for that. I was wondering if we could get around it. Yay, now we can.


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