Cookie Bag Stash

February 17, 2014

When we bake a batch of cookies for our "Cookie Connection" I love to make a little reusable drawstring bag to deliver them in.

So instead of making each bag while the cookies are baking, I decided to get myself sorted and make a wee bunch of them.  The little one helped me choose the "pretties" and within twenty minutes we had made a months worth of cookie bags!

They look so pretty hanging in the cupboard awaiting their special home-baked goodies.  Looking forward to the next delivery...



  1. they are such sweet little bags!

  2. Beautiful fabrics you have used Lisa - I love this cookie connection idea of yours :-)

  3. Sweet wee pretties made with love and filled with love

  4. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Sweets for the sweet. Too pretty


  5. It was lovely to meet you today - I LOVE this idea, and will keep it in mind when/if we ever get around to moving (only renting currently, so moving eventually is inevitable)!

    Love your photos, and will have to note down some of these recipes! I can generally sub normal flour with gluten-free for biscuits; just not everything else! Yay!


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