In the Jungle

February 01, 2014

Around this time of year our "Jungle" is so delightful.  We admire hydrangeas, wild lilies and intoxicatingly fragrant ginger from the balcony.  We get daily encouragement to go down to the jungle from a little girl who loves to pick flowers.

It is quite steep, the steps are overgrown and someone is still a tiny bit unsteady on her leg when it comes to uneven ground.  Holding her with my good hand leaves me vulnerable in case I stumble so a "jungle trip"  is often a family affair during the weekends when Daddy is home.

We ell enjoy it.  The tree ferns provide shade from the summer heat and the fragrance from the ginger is incredible.  It reminds me of the Caribbean although ginger is a noxious weed here in New Zealand.  Last year my honey dug huge amounts of it out by the roots, but we have a few rogue ones popping up.  It grows strong and lush from the tiniest piece of root left in the ground.  

Once the heat of the summer calms down, my honey will be back digging again - but in the meantime I am relishing that heady jasmine-like fragrance which literally fills the air, cutting the flower heads as they bloom to prevent them from forming seeds and spreading.

I'm looking forward to seeing some pink hydrangeas on our table this week.  I used to think they looked old fashioned, but I really love them now. 

We picked an extra bunch to deliver to some dear friends too.

I hope you are enjoying the lovely weather this weekend.



  1. oh my goodness! How much beauty you live within! x

  2. These are stunning shots Lisa - looks magical x

  3. I love Hydrangeas too. We planted a hedge of them last year from cuttings and although still small they have rewarded us with beautiful blooms this year. Lovely to meet you on Friday x

  4. I heart hydrangeas
    I'd love a cutting from yours if I may .. .. ..
    Your jungle is gorgeous very magical


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