Painting the Doll House

February 22, 2014

We have colour!
If you are yet to join me on our doll house journey you can catch up here.

Together we donned painting aprons and headed down to the studio.  Daddy mixed up some colour according to my directive - happy, pretty and not pink.  I am in love with the delicious yellow he came up with.  I would love to live in a happy yellow house and even though I won't be residing within - I still got my yellow house.  Hooray!   With plenty of masking tape we set forth and painted.

Our paint loving girl had a ball and for days since she has been talking about "painting the house".  I think we are onto a winner.

With some colour, I now have ideas forming in my mind of how this might come together.  It could be a little off-beat, but hopefully a warm and lovely home to play with.

Next step is wallpaper.  Hmm should I let a little person choose, or just help with sticking it on?



  1. A happy yellow house is the perfect starting point! Yay wallpaper time!! Oooh its hard to let go of the wallpaper choice.....maybe line a couple up that you really like and she can choose from those....reading this post I really want to decorate ours now!! I'm thinking maybe we can squeeze it into the new office/ does have the potential of taking up a quarter of the space....but....hmmmn yeah maybe not ;))

  2. Happy colour for a happy house and happy team activity! x

  3. Her first house to paint! What good practice... :)



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