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March 13, 2014

You might remember a while ago,  I talked about the crochet blanket I made with Gran when she was still with us.  Together with my Gran we started crocheting squares but they had languished in a box until my friend Kara crocheted them all together for me into a beautiful blanket last year.

It seems that every. single. day. I get pleasure from seeing my blanket completed.  Whether it is pulled up over me on the couch while watching something in the evening, on my bed as an extra layer, being used as a fort or even a snuggly place for the kitten to nap on.  It wraps us in love every day, and everyone knows it is Mama's Blanket!

Swaps are wonderful.  Last winter I made her little girl a cape from her mothers baby blanket but since then I have felt the need to make her something else to say thanks so I made a simple pixie coat for this coming winter for her,  using this pattern.  Pink and brownish grey wool, with my signature pixie hood and handmade wooden buttons of course, so it is a little girly but a bit woodsy too.

I love making things which don't have a deadline other than "by the time it gets cold". Our little girl's winter coat is also slowly being worked on in between other things and I'm so enjoying the relaxed pace of making things for us.


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  1. What a gorgeous coat! If only it came in my size :)

  2. girly but woodsy - what a perfect description and a perfect combination too xx clever lady

  3. LOVE your pixie coats

  4. Perfectly perfect woodland girl coat - love it x

  5. Its beautiful. I bought your pattern a few months ago and Ive got it cut (similar blanket - mines pink/purple/cream) and a Wee Wonder fabric lining. Cant wait to see it all sewn up - although Im so nervous of making a mistake! Love it with 3 buttons

  6. It's really lovely....perfect for winter xxx


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