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March 06, 2014

Old Finds : New Life.  Sharing completed projects from previous op-shop finds.

**  Thanks so much for all your congratulations and personal emails about our exciting news yesterday.  It was a really special day for us all!    Although it will be a while before the next step I do hope to share a little when the time comes....  **

During the holidays while my shop was closed, I did some fun sewing for our family.  The first was a little dress, followed by this play tent made from some vintage sheets I wrote about here.

Some concept sketches were done back when our little girl broke her leg - I thought it would be a fun place for her to play when she was immobile but at the time, giving her care and getting through the day were more important, so it felt great to be able to sew this up ready for the summer.

I intended to make this a tutorial, alas it is in the too-hard-basket at the moment and although there may be one in the future, here are the basics;  A hula loop keeps the top stable, with a drawstring cord in a casing underneath to keep it in place.  Alternating panels of gathered sheets affix to the hoop to give lots of fullness and space to play within.  

A hanging loop means we can hang it outside on the deck, in the lounge, or the playroom - wherever the mood takes her without the need for any internal structures to keep it up.  

Even better, when you are done playing just slip out the hula hoop and the whole thing bundles up into the top section and closes with the drawstring for super easy storage.

It was nabbed by a little person the moment she laid her eyes on it, and I still haven't gotten around to hemming the bottom - hopefully it won't be next summer by the time I get around to it!



  1. oh how i love vintage sheets and a playtent made from one is gorgeous x

  2. I love vintage sheets too - I would love this in my room xo

  3. That's more than a bit special! What a lovely place to be. x

  4. We have made vintage sheet cubbies by pegging them onto our clothesline and they have been a big hit, but this idea is wonderful. mel x

  5. What a very special play tent
    My kiddos make play tents by hanging the quilts over the climbing frames
    Thinking this would be a hit too

  6. So cute! So do you have hooks in the ceilings in those rooms? I have visions of my kids pulling the ceiling down with a hook in it!!!

  7. Its way awesome! You clever clogs you xx

  8. So fun! I wish I had a place I could hang something like this. I'm afraid our porch roof isn't that strong.

  9. Oh Lisa how exciting for you!! Congratulations!! You have some very fun planning to do in the coming months.
    Love the play tent. I have an old mossie net hoop floating around somewhere ...that would do the trick I'm sure.
    Speaking of floating....I bet you have been all week!! Much love Catherine x0x0x

  10. Lisa, this is so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing at Thriving on Thursdays. I'm featuring this at tomorrow's party.

    Anne xx


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