Vests for Boys - On My Worktable

May 29, 2014

Boys seem to get a raw deal when it comes to cute clothing with girls dominating the scene, so this year I am aiming to add some new classic boys patterns to my range.  

At the moment you can find classic and pixie hood coats, pirate coats, and waistcoats.  Soon to hit the shop will be super cool pixie hooded vests!  Made from woollen blankets and lined in soft cotton they are perfect for this time of year when the cooler weather flirts with us.  A little extra layer, but not too bundled up to notice.

For the girls - I am working on a new hat design for this season.  The Heidi inspired wildflower pixie hat!  (Not sure what happened with the colour of these pics - the red is gorgeous in real life!) There are lots of new clothing designs in the works which I will share when they are nearing completion.

These ones are off to the children of a wonderful photographer and fellow blogger in Christchurch. I am so excited she has agreed to do this season's photography for me as her work is so incredibly beautiful.

Please do share your boys clothing ideas with me as I am actively designing right now and who knows - if your idea is one that comes to life you might just receive a finished garment...



  1. Gorgeous and snuggly and warm - they look delicious xx

  2. They look really lovely. I think boys would really love them.

  3. These look so tactile and warm. Love the colours.

  4. These look lovely, they would have been perfect for my boys when they were little fellas!

  5. Like!!! i must look on your site and see if you have any in grey or navy colours for my wee man? and might i suggest Smocks! As in like chandlers smocks (little manderin type collar, pull over your head, two deep front pockets for hankies and rocks!) rather than the girly dress type smocking. I'd buy one for my tom boy too!

  6. I just love all your makes and its great to read you're beefing up your boys collection!! Maybe a aviator style warm hat for the boys??

  7. Anonymous6:51 AM

    I really like the look of pea coats for wee boys I hope this link works & good old duffle coats. I like the look of your pirate coats but I wouldn't buy one for my wee dude as I'm not into him wearing skulls etc

    Love the look of the wee hat so cute!! Nicky

  8. Vests look a mother of three small boys it is harder to find cool stuff. My suggestion would be winter shorts, sort of old school golfing style gathered at cuffs. I love the boys in tights so often make winter weight shorts to show them off and they avoid wet trouser hems.

  9. Lovely! I think you should do little woolen bow ties to, to match the jackets and vests :)


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