A Little Update

July 23, 2014

I have alluded to some changes happening at Big Little over the next few months.  While it is really exciting working on new things, it does mean taking a break from doing custom orders and making things in general.

Never fear, I do have a few things up my sleeve to tide you over. Over the next few weeks I will be listing a few select items on a first come first served basis.  These will be the last things made for some time so grab them while you can.  I will give you a heads up both here and on the Big Little Facebook page so you will get the first look :)

There is still time to enter The Famous Big Little Giveaway if you haven't already done so!  You will find it here.

This week we have a pair of Little Birdie Embroidered Baby Shoes
A warm and snuggly Candy Floss Pixie Hood Vest perfect for layering in this chilly weather.
A pair of woollen Bumble Bee Slipper Boots with leather soles.

I do hope you enjoy them - simply click on the links to find the listings.
Hope you are having a lovely week,



  1. Your makes are absolutely gorgeous Lisa ... your new changes will be exciting too :-) Look forward to them :-)

  2. Exciting, I look forward to hearing about what will unfold next xx

  3. Pretty pretty prettiness! x

  4. saskiaandchris10:10 PM

    I love love love what your doing, I came across your patterns recently and just downloaded the pixie vest - currently working on making one and loving the pattern! Your blog is very inspiring - well done xox

  5. absolutely gorgeousness as usual


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