Pixie Pants and a Blog Hop

September 15, 2014

A long time ago, I did a wee sketch of some pixie pants I would like to make for our little girl.

Well, almost two years later they are now finally a reality!  You can read about the original idea here, but basically I wanted something super cute, but really practical.  Lots of room to move, play and accommodate a cloth nappy (yep, that is how long ago it was!). Protect knees when crawling or tree climbing and just generally a rugged yet fun design.

A kind of pantaloon style trouser which can be worn in winter over tights, or alternatively can be made in a light fabric for summer.  Of course the pattern is really versatile and they are really four season pants as corduroy is perfect for spring and autumn too.

So here they are... Big Little Pixie Pants.  The pattern is now officially in the shop along with another ... The Big Little Pixie Short.  Yes! two patterns in one week - I can barely believe it either!

Quietly over the last month or so, both the shorts and the pants pattern have been tested by the lovely and talented sewers in the new pattern testing pool, who will share pics of their finished garments with us!  Yippee!  It is always fun to see what fabrics and colours others have chosen and see them modelled by their lovely little ones.

I will also be giving away a FREE copy of each pattern at the end of the tour!

Oooh exciting......So here is the line- up!

Mon 15 Lisa @ Big Little
Tues 16 Leanne @ Paper Moon
Wed 17 Jenny @ Mend & Make New
Thurs 18 Leonie @ Sunshine x 3
Fri 19 Aimee @ Small Steps Big Noises
Sat 20 Brooke @ Gracenuts
Mon 22 Orsolya @ Borsoo
Tues 23 Viki - posted by Big Little and a GIVEAWAY!

You can purchase the Pixie Pants pattern here and the Pixie Shorts pattern here.


  1. they are gorgeous. I am super excited to have had a new niece arrive on the scene so now I can make your boys and girls patterns!! Whoop x

  2. Love the pants!!!!

  3. Yay yay yay! All round ;) ;) xxx

  4. Finished 3 pairs! The second and third pair I cut the rise height for the 5 to accomodate a cloth bottom, and pant length of a 4 so I coukd make an elastic casing- quicker for me and a beachier look. Love the pattern, thanks!


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