Pixie Pants Blog Tour - Day 3

September 17, 2014

Today's stop on the Pixie Pants bog tour takes us to visit Jenny, who sews a plethora of wonderful garments for both herself and her children and shares her crafting adventures on her inspirational sewing blog Mend and Make New.

Jenny lives with her husband (she married her childhood sweetheart - how sweet!) and her three adorable children in New Zealand, who happen to be perfect little models for pixie shorts!  Jenny made two pairs of shorts, one for her "littlest" in corduroy which is perfect for spring and fall, and the other for her older girl in a light cotton for summer.

Be sure to stop by and check out Jenny's version of the Pixie Shorts on her blog Mend and Make New - right here!

The patterns do come in ALL sizes from 6 months right through to age 10 - great value if you want to be able to use the same pattern for more than one member of the family :)

The blog tour continues tomorrow...

Mon 15 Lisa @ Big Little
Tues 16 Leanne @ Paper Moon
Wed 17 Jenny @ Mend & Make New
Thurs 18 Leonie @ Sunshine x 3
Fri 19 Aimee @ Small Steps Big Noises
Sat 20 Brooke @ Gracenuts
Mon 22 Orsolya @ Borsoo
Tues 23 Viki - posted by Big Little and a GIVEAWAY!

You can purchase the Pixie Pants pattern here and the Pixie Shorts pattern here.
Use the code PIXIEPANTS15 to receive 15% off pattern/s at checkout.
This code is active until next Tuesday 23 September.

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  1. Thanks for having me ;) Lisa - I really love your pattern


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