Pixie Pants Blog Tour - Day 7

September 22, 2014

Today is the last day of the Pixie Pants Blog Tour before returning for the giveaway!

Hungary is our destination, where we are visiting the very talented Orsolya.   Last week she dyed her own yarn and fabric with wild buckthorn berries to knit herself a hat and make a matching scarf in the most beautiful natural greens... I am so inspired.

Orsolya loves to make soft toys and cute things like this pencil case shark, and even makes wonderful fabric pots like this one - using freehand machine stitching, so beautiful.

The Pixie Pants Orsolya made were for her daughter, which she made in a light denim for summer, which can be worn with socks and long sleeved shirt for autumn, or tights and a coat for winter.

Her beautiful photos can be found here - capturing the lazy days at the end of summer of perfectly :)  They make me long for the warmer days around the corner!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for the last day of the tour - I will be giving away a FREE copy of the Pixie Pants pattern AND the Pixie Shorts pattern!

You can purchase the Pixie Pants pattern here and the Pixie Shorts pattern here.
Use the code PIXIEPANTS15 to receive 15% off pattern/s at checkout.
This code is active until Tuesday 23 September.


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  1. Ooo, I just brought the pixie shorts pattern, can't wait. Lovely Leonie reckons I could make them a "confident beginner" so I am super excited. Love your work Lisa, you are a gem xxxx


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